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  • f.d.roar

  • that boi chris

  • milestoned

  • fripster

  • 3nd3r

  • sui generis

  • princess

  • robot & unixx

  • french house mafia

  • cash adams!

  • dopeboy

  • stellar shores

  • trumpets on tracks

  • fixtape


  • Soulection x Schemeless: Bootleg Pack

    that boi chris

  • amazon

    that boi chris

  • 3ND3R's SWAG Vol.1


  • MilesTones Vol.1



Schemeless is a record label, DJ service, and creative consulting company. Based out of Atlanta, GA and founded by Georgia Tech friends and classmates Jordan Thomas-Green and Christopher Allen, Schemeless was initially conceived as a way to monetize their hobbies and skills - the name ironically describing their way of life. After much praise, the brand gained recognition by other local artists as well as internationally established artists, allowing for both their roster and exposure to expand.

Presently, Schemeless affiliates can be found regularly at events in Atlanta, and are regualr guests at both public and private exposés at Miami's Winter Music Conference (WMC). We provide not only fresh new sounds for our listeners, but also next-to-none concert experiences, as well as creative direction from marketing strategies to business cards to coordinating collaborations. Presenting innovations in every aspect of our creativity, we aspire to not only improve but to completely change the experience of music and music marketing relations with our clients and our own roster as well.

Bookings: bookings@schemeless.com

Press: callen@schemeless.com

Send Tracks: jordan.thomas@schemeless.com

Other: schemelessrecords@gmail.com